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World War II, midnight of Sept. 1, 1943: B-Baker, a British-made Short Stirling four-engine aircraft on a bombing mission, flying over German-occupied western Europe. Seven men on board, led by Australian pilot Ken Simpson. An air raid gone awry. A gripping tale of heroism. Click here to view interactive graphic. Four miles to target, B-Baker […]

Click here to view interactive graphic. This is a re-post of the same graphic published on March 7, one week before welterweight boxing champion Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines defeated Ghanaian Joshua Clottey at the brand new Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas. The graphic was deleted accidentally while I was editing another post. The Filipino […]

Click here to view interactive graphic The use of drugs to treat cancer brings with it possible risks to the brain’s ability to think, reason and remember. The drug might enter the brain and kill cells, cause damage to and repair of DNA, restrain the ability to secrete virus-fighting proteins, and lower hormone levels of […]

Click here to view interactive graphic When a person is shot, two things happen simultaneously – bleeding occurs and blood pressure plunges. Depending on what internal organs, nerves or blood vessels were hit, the victim might die on the spot of excessive blood loss, pass out as organs fail or survive the trauma but die […]

A 54,363-square-mile area in northern Alberta, a swath of land more than twice the size of the state of Wisconsin, sits on top of virtually the world’s largets oil reserve. In some parts, the oil sands are close enough to the surface to be recovered using conventional open-pit mining. The rest of the deposits are […]