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Clip art. Versatile, reusable, recyclable art. Easy to find, easy to use. Cheap and oftentimes free. They have been around since the first time graphic artists learned to preserve their drawings for future use. The drawings could be parts of a larger drawing project, a full-blown illustration or an information graphic. They could be bits […]

Earlier this year, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency took action to contain the spread of the emerald ash borer (agrilus planipennis) in the province of Ontario and beyond by prohibiting the movement of firewood and ash-tree products such as nursery stock, logs, branches and wood chips from the Ottawa and Gatineau areas to any other […]

The Dr.¬†Dolittle Project of Marquette University, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is working to apply speech technology to animal vocalizations so that certain patterns of animal speech that are similar to human speech could be identified and, if possible, interpreted. Using the Hidden Markov Model, a mathematical model developed in the 1960s for the military, the project […]