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As the war dragged on, the relentless American offensive took its toll on the Taliban who began losing key positions. When Mazar-e Shariff fell, the U.S.-allied Northern Alliance swept west and south, capturing Herot, Zaroni, Konduz and a few other towns — including the capital, Kabul —as the Taliban fled south to Kandahar. Not long […]

Click here to view interactive graphic. When I graduated from high school many years ago, there was no Internet, no personal computers, no cell phones, no iPods, no YouTube and no Facebook. What we had were our vocal chords, manual typewriters, ink and paper. Plus a tremendous supply of ingenuity and guts. We did not […]

Click to view interactive graphic Did you know … that the most goals scored in a single World Cup tournament is 13? … that a substitute player, who just came into the game to spell a regular, managed to write himself into World Cup history by scoring a hat-trick? … that the most controversial goal […]

Click here to view interactive graphic. In late 2006, at the height of soaring gas prices worldwide, five engineering students at Marquette University in Milwaukee embarked on a project to build a device that would produce home-made biodiesel. For the most part of 2007, they gathered regularly in an old warehouse where they drew up […]